Become a MHMA Affiliated School

Thank you for your interest in the (MHMA) Marc Halleck Affiliate Program. Our goal is to provide Martial Arts Academy owners with high level instruction as well as ressources that will help your school grow. When deciding to join the MHMA Affiliate Program, your school has decided to forge a strong relationship with credible, accomplished and caring individuals who want to improve their affiliates as they improve through the years. Affiliate School Certification Opportunities include:

  • Panantukan Silat Combatives
  • Jun Fan – Jeet Kune Do
  • The Filipino Martial Arts
  • Balintawak Eskrima



The MHMA Affiliate selection process begins with a initial seminar assessment. It is during this time, that Marc Halleck and the host academy can decide whether the relationship is a “good fit” and would be mutually beneficial for both parties. The process is highly selective as the MHMA would like to ensure your quality commitment to the Martial Arts, your school and your community.



Your school will benefit by having a recognized MHMA name associated with their school thus enhancing credibility. This would include Certification Certificates to hang proudly on your school wall. In addition to this, MHMA will be committed to promoting the name of your school through popular MHMA media outlets to help enhance your reputation while bringing attention to your school.



Affiliates will be charged a discounted rate for seminar and training workshops compared to non-affiliates.



The MHMA will share personal training program information and custom tailor a curriculum based your schools current schedule, goals and individuality of your students.



When competing in international competitions the affiliate will be carrying the name of MHMA, thus being recognized as part of an elite and recognized team.



Responsibility of grading the affiliates will fall to Marc Halleck, who consistently tracks the progress of all MHMA affiliates giving utmost importance to the quality and standards that must be upheld by all MHMA affiliates.



For details about our program, please contact us at 847.573.1672 and ask to speak to Guro Marc Halleck. Thank you for your interest in The MHMA Affiliation Program… We look forward to hearing from you!